Went to JMU today for orientation. It was pretty fun, I met some really nice people so that is always good. Anni was really good about today, we had a good talk tonight about it and about next year. I’m really looking forward to going to school and showing her that I can make her proud while I’m at school like she did for me last year. She is handeling everything really well so far and I couldn’t be prouder. I got my class schedule and it is pretty easy. I have credit for my writing class so that takes care of that. I’m taking two histories, a health, and a theater class. I’m probably going to switch it to an art, although it doesn’t really matter because it is just GenEd. I’m done on fridays by 10:00 AM which is good and I’m done by 4PM at the latest for the week. And I have a nice little break between my morning classes and my 3 PM one. Going good so far. 

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